The American Ruse – MC-5

More punk than punk, heavier than metal and angry as hell. The MC-5 are the source of all the craziness that followed. They took the hippy dream and stamped it into a thousand broken shards of what’s to come.

Thrashing their boogie rock and roll at a Ramonic pace they protest the Vietnam war, Police brutality and consumerism in 1969 in a manner that sets the tone from here on out.

“Sixty nine America in terminal stasis, the air’s so thick it’s like drowning in molasses, I’m sick and tired of paying these dues and I’m sick to my guts of the American ruse”

This record isn’t the go to MC5 track. Most would go for the epic snot flecked live album Kick Out The Jams (the first record to feature the MF as rumour has it)

This record is a mid period, badly sleeved, almost forgotten foot note in Rock & Roll History.

Stop what you’re doing and really listen to it.


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