Bridging The Gap – Nas


Fucking Nas.

That Guy owns rap.

His old man owns the blues too, as we learn on Bridging the Gap. He takes that one riff. The one John Lee Hooker will forever be associated with. He takes that riff and he tells the story of his life over the break while his Dad fills in the blanks.

Bridging The Gap is a Rap Blues crossover that rebuilds rock history. It’s like Walk This Way in reverse. It’s like two seasons of The Get Down in 4 minutes. It’s also really touching to see Nas showboating his father and showboating to his father.

Olu Dara is the voice of experience, he’s travelled the world, converted from one mind set to another. He’s a rolling stone who always came home. He bigs his Boy up, he tells of how he was as a kid and Nasir fills in the gaps.

Olu Dara doesn’t Phantom Menace Nas back story in any way. Knowing about his school reports and his behaviour at home as a kid doesn’t take our hero and turn him into a lesser icon. How could it? He’s Nas. The Illmatic, Stillmatic, Nastradamus.

He brings the boast, the ambition, the humour and the flow. And the record drips with pride.



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