Keep In The Dark – Temples

Back in 2013 there was a mob of Kettering based twenty somethings channelling the spirit of Haight Ashbury in ’67. They made music that harkened back to an era their parents must be too young for. It felt out of time. It felt made out of time. As in constructed from the very stuff that forms our perception of the universe. Equally spacey, hummable, tidy and expansive.

For the youth of a small town in the UK midlands to be this well educated on genre, rock history and pop music as a historical cultural force is inspiring. For them to be so damned good at it is equally magical and sickening.

Cobblerdelica may not be a genre that has blossomed in the following couple of years but there is no denying Temples made a beautiful record with Sun Structures and especially with Keep In The Dark.

These Northamptonshire Yoofs have the dreamy melodies of Love, the open drum sound of Phil Spector and the pop nouns of Janis. Live they totally own the huge music they have recorded like seasoned veterans.

The string arrangements and parpy injections of organs and horns elevate the whole thing. This sounds like it’s a record from the 60’s you just missed out on until now.


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