Baby Glass – The Dogs D’Amour

Soho sleaze merchants The Dogs D’Amour were one of my formative bands. The English Guns N’ Roses came to play on the Essex coast the summer we discovered booze, birds and Bon Jovi.

This was a step change from the MTV sanitized big hair bands we’d been listening to at the school youth club. These guys looked filthy, they played loose and they sounded dangerous.

Baby Glass is a perfect example of Tyla’s gutter soap opera made song. Tales of kids in torn fishnets and chipped nail varnish falling in and out of love and in and out of bars in the dirty old town were his stock in trade. Baby Glass was recorded around the time of their break through album (1989’s) Errol Flynn but wasn’t on the album. A B-Side to How Come It Never Rains it sort of fell from view for a long time, but as Dogsy a song as any of their ‘so called’ hits Baby Glass has punk energy, pop hooks and Big rock posturing all over it.

“Rocket Boy loved Baby Glass, too damned hard and too damned fast, In the gutter, In the park, I saw the end right from the start”

No band make me feel 14 again as much as The Dogs D’Amour.


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