Top of the Pops – The Rezillos

“Hold tight! Now we’re on our own, Cue light! Now it’s ready to roll, Tonight! How I’ve waited for aggravated for years”

People look back fondly on the punk bands who did Top Of The Pops. ‘It was a golden era for pop’, ‘A cultural high watermark’, ‘When music really mattered’, ‘Top of the Pops was our religion’.

Based on the lyrics here, The Rezillos did not approve of the 30 minutes of pop music on TV every week.

“It’s fun! Oh I just can’t wait, Hold on! Do I look up to date, Your on! I’ll do anything if that’s the right thing to see”

The sarcasm is thinly veiled. Top of the Pops is referred to as “A stock market for your Hi-Fi” and it’s not a compliment.

“There’s one! Born every day, Sing song! Then fade away, Ding dong! What’s the future in the pop music industry?”

I wonder if the beards and Jumper brigade squirmed at all, seeing their flagship of cool poked from the inside? Or did it fly over their heads while they were fixated on other things?

“Alright! So you make the grade, Hold tight! To the buck you made, Just wait! You been rated for constipated peak viewing time”

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