Crickets – Creeper

I like Creeper a lot. I like how they sound like Panic At The Disco some of the time and Alkaline Trio at other times and here they sound like PJ Harvey.

Eternity, In Your Arms packs a lot into a single album. Gothy overtones. Crampsyness, pop punk. 80’s teen movies reference, two vocalists and a shed load of tunes.

This track stands out for a raw and affecting vocal performance and for it’s folksiness.

Teenagers have got go listen to something when they feel all misunderstood. This should have the guyliner running in bedrooms across the land.

Glib as people can be towards a band like Creeper this is how the folk songs of the future get made.

Rather than posting a link to the studio recording here’s a fan shot (vertically, fuckin’ kids) live version. Tell me that song isn’t doing for those kids what When I Get To The Border or Don’t Look Back In Anger did for their generations.





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