Beat Girl – John Barry Seven

Now, I’ve never seen the movie this is the theme tune to. To fully understand why I love it you need to understand, there was a hot minute in the 1990’s after Pulp Fiction and Trainspotting sent everyone Soundtrack crazy. During that long hot summer dozens of cut price vinyl compilations with names like “THIS is Cult Fiction” and “Pulp Spotting” were pushed out with pictures of Twiggy on a motorbike or bullet holes strafed monochrome portraits of Michael Caine in Get Garter and Sean Connery as James Bond laid zig zag on the sleeve.

Cool Britannia was as much about looking back at the swinging 60’s as it was about Blur and Massive Attack pushing us forward. For every Roni Size, Elastica or Primal Scream there was a 60’s influenced Mod badge wearing retro act covering The Small Faces and missing the irony in Mike Flowers Pops.

This particular track was two minutes of surf guitar and parpy horns which were used to herald the headline act in my local indie pub. The resident DJ’s Bluntman & Chronic would end their pre gig set with this every Friday night before some guys in Adidas track suits and bowl haircuts would get up and pretend to be from Manchester.

It’s a cool little tune, full of pre-hippie rock and roll twang and it’s all over in a flash.

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