Hands – The Ting Tings

Some bands will never actually be cool. Feeder, Hard- Fi, Kula Shaker, The Ting Tings. They sort of populate an imposter indie world. A limbo like waiting room next to the real party. Sure the BBC will cover their sets at festivals and the radio will continue to play the odd single that made an impact but nobody’s favourite band is The Ting Tings. They were next big things and then gone in such a short space of time.

I kind of liked them though. Even though they talk utter bilge in interviews and came across as manufactured fake indie. They were good for one album and the world was done with them. We Started Nothing was a bit of a success. That’s Not My Name and Great DJ we’re proper hit singles.

In the eighteen months that they weren’t considered complete bobbins they played heavily televised sets at Glastonbury two years running on the back of that one record. They leapt from opening band to just below the headliners in one year.

Then they went off to write and record the (ahem) sophomore opus. Comeback single Hands totally stiffed. It fell flat on it’s face. Twice. The bands new electronic influenced 80’s direction was a misstep that cost them dearly. This combined with no other tunes of note, a hideous record sleeve and a change in direction for the indie scene filed them swiftly under ‘Where are they now?’

But what of the song? For what it’s worth I think it’s the best thing they ever did. It’s an icy squelch driven cross over pop tune with an idiotically easy chorus and a nice line in synth effects. It beats and blips away like CSS or Goldfrapp would have done a couple of years earlier to great acclaim. But alas it was too late.

The Ting Tings were no longer the in things. They’ve not so much as raised a blip on the radar since 2010. This however is sitting out there on the internet looking forward to a future that could have been so different.

3 thoughts on “Hands – The Ting Tings

  1. Dude you have such a cool way with words and a real talent with writing about music. That’s Not My Name is the only song I ever knew by The Ting Tings, but you make me feel like I’m actually listening to Hands through your writing.
    And hey, your writing actually makes me WANT to go listen to The Ting Tings. That is no small feat.

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