Satan Rejected My Soul – Morrissey

Solo Morrissey is a funny thing. Sometimes he gets close to the genius of the band he made his name in. Other times you’re delivered a plodding slab of pastiche you can’t quite believe he put his name to.

Satan Rejected My Soul is clunkier than most of Mozza’s usual lyrical dynamics. It’s like he tried to write lyrics for Judas Priest and then performed them with Shed Seven.

But it is infectious. The song has a straightforwardness to it that’s undeniable. It’s a power pop song about being too twisted for the devil himself.

‘Satan rejected my soul, he knows my kind he won’t be dragged down  he’s seen my face around, he knows, Heaven doesn’t seem to be my home’

I recall first hearing this on a Vic Reeves and Bob Mortimer TV show. It wasn’t their Big Night Out or The Smell Of. It was one of the other series they did like (but probably not) Bang Bang It’s… or Randall And Hopkirk Deceased. I don’t remember which. What I do remember is Vic (or possibly Bob) was playing a hit man.

He’d just done (what Samuel L. Jackson would call) ‘some cold blooded hit man shit’ and walked Icily back to his car. He pulled away from the scene of the crime and (if memory serves, which it probably only sort of does, and almost certainly over embellishes) then lip synched this entire song.

It was quite the striking image. Cuddly old Vic (or Bob), In the guise of a cold blooded killer (the character had driving gloves on, what a monster!) mouth moving to Stephen Patrick’s words, and these evil comparisons spilling out.

‘Satan rejected my soul, as low as he goes he never quite goes this low’

Mozza goes mid eighties metal. Why the hell not?



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