Jailbreak (feat. Aesop Rock & Buck 65) – B. Dolan

Rap-Rock Crossovers are such a common thing now. Since the founding fathers of Run DMC and Aerosmith, Public Enemy and Anthrax, 90’s Faith No More and Rage Against The Machine rap/rock is no longer a footnote. There is a whole genre of it.

From Jay-Z/Linkin Park’s mash up record to Limp Bizkit, to Eminem popping up on Devil Without A Cause… Now I feel old. It kinda feels… kinda like a kind of millennial thing to do though.

A Rap Rock cross over now can either look dated like Prophets of Rage (I love ’em but it’s a tribute show really) or it can look like the normal current state indie rock of 21 Pilots.

So when B. released Kill The Wolf in 2015 it had a real old school feel to it. The album was a full band hip hop record. It’s got beats and loops and electronic squelches all over it. It’s also got real songs. Each a different animal to the other. There’s thoughtful, political, aggressive and inspiring on Kill The Wolf. Best of all there’s the adrenaline rush and stone cold groove of Jailbreak. Aesop Rock and Buck 65 add to the Root Down feel and Dave Lamb of Brown Bird gives a hell of a vocal on his ‘Hell is other people’ chorus.

It has the same inventive and exciting feel as FNM’s Falling to Pieces or PE&A’s take on Bring The Noise.

Massive drum breaks, verses about AC/DC records, a big rock chorus and buckets of mutual respect between the performers. Jaibreak is a party you want to be at.

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