Sore Throat – The Bronx

Getting a surprize new single from The Bronx is like having your Birthday rushed forwards to August because there’s a better chance of good weather and you can then Barbecue to celebrate. Today is a happy day. That’s what I’m driving at.

Damn! I love this band. This is Punk/Metal hybrid exactly how I want it. Exactly.

The guitars are crunchy and fast, the drums dense and flat, there’s spat bars of punk verse and throat ripping screams. There’s a layered melody under all the ferocity which separates it from the thousands of other noise merchants out there. There are perfectly attired and kitted out punk bands who forget you need a killer tune first. Then you add the rough and tumble of genre trappings and studio heft. Without a song underneath you are just impersonating punk rock. The Bronx build their tunes from the ground up.

These guys having a song called Sore Throat is like an episode of Game Of Thrones being titled ‘the one with some stabbing’. Sore Throat’s are a Bronx stock in trade. In the band, in the audience, in those screams when you sing along in the car (The Bronx are one of my fave driving and screaming bands, keeps rush hour interesting).

What such a track makes reassuringly apparent as a teaser for their new album is this, Bronx V will not be a massive departure from their previous albums. On the strength of this, stood next to Heart Attack America, History’s Stranglers, Young Bloods or Under The Rabbit it looks like it’s going to be every bit as brilliant as Bronx IV, Bronx III, Bronx II and The Bronx.

When in Rome.


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