Anastasia – Slash

I am quite sure I’m in a significant minority when I say this, but I didn’t want Guns N’ Roses to get back together. I was really happy with the records Slash was putting out. I loved several of the compositions that had come out since the “Guest Vocalist” album as much as I loved many a GNR tune.

The fact that I could go and see Slash Featuring Myles Kennedy and the Conspirators (great band, lousy name) play a set in a theatre for 20 quid was great. Lots of the new music was of an excellent standard and there was a new record every couple of years. As a fan this beat 15 year gaps between releases, a Hit N’ Miss live reputation and the chance you could spend a small fortune on a ticket for a show they wouldn’t turn up to.

Anastasia is like half a dozen of Slash’s greatest hits all spliced into one track. There’s the classical guitar intro. There’s the picky riff that hints a Sweet Child O’ Mine, there’s the chuggy metal section and there’s the soaring chorus. Myles is a way better vocalist than Axl had proven to be pre ‘Not In This Life Time’. When that Slash solo hits about three quarters of the way in. Tell me there’s anything close to that on Chinese Democracy and I’ll build you a chicken coop to stand in.

I’m not delusional. I know there’s filler on the 3 Slash records. But when there’s songs as tight, as accomplished and as incendiary as Anastasia why the hell would I want to listen to a plodding cover of Knocking On Heavens Door with a reggae section wedged into it ever again?


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