Underground – Ben Folds Five

In the unlikely event that this blog becomes a huge West End Musical, this would be the big opening number.

Picture if you will. A lone spotlight slightly left of centre stage. The Fat kid in the dance school shuffles into the beam of light dressed as a teenage metalhead. Mullet, Maiden T-Shirt, Torn Jeans and Hi-Tops.

“I was never cool in school, you probably don’t remember… Me”

Lights up to reveal a stage set made up to look like a dive bar on the rock scene.

“but now it’s been ten years, I’m still wondering who to be”

Reveal a bunch of idiot mates in various punk, indie and goth garb all propping up the bar.

“I love to mix in circles, cliques and social coteries… That’s me.”

Swarms of alternative stereotypes of every denomination fill the stage.

Step forward Pop Punk Kid: “Hand me my nose ring”

Chorus: “Can we be happy?”

Metal Girl: “show me the mosh pit”

Chorus: “Can we be happy?”

All together now: “We can be happy underground”

Jazz hands abound… I think I’m going to be sick.



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