Honour – Courtney Love & Ginger Wildheart

Having Courtney and Ginger on the same record is like that issue of Batman that crossed over to Judge Dredd. They’re two cool rock and roll icons. But their universes don’t mix. Many a fan of Courtney is a fan of Ginger. And many a fan of Ginger wants to hear him play with Courtney Love.

“I’ll lead them all to crash and burn I’ll steal their fate there’s nothing they can do about it You make believe you’re born again The game you play is loaded like Russian Roulette”

So they cast their spell together on Honour. A 7″ fan club only single (at first) which has a live version of the A-Side on the flip. They wrote it together played it live a few times then tied it down to part of Ginger’s G.A.S.S releases.

“I will celebrate in fire I will burn your playhouse down I will take the world by vengeance in your honour”

The song itself is a heady mix of Sparks, Heart, Hole and Cheap Trick with a verse that sounds like a chorus and a chorus that sounds like a party.

Courtney credits Ginger as some kind of fuckin’ genius and ranks him along side Nick Cave and Mark Lanegan at the end of the live take.

I never slept with any of them either Courtney but I agree, Genius all three of them.


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