Wham City – Mutation

Mutation is a thing only true Noise-Niks can love. It’s a mix of Thrash metal and industrial luminaries coming together to make experimental extreme music with Ginger at the centre of the storm like the mad conductor in the middle of the demented orchestra at the end of the Frank Zappa movie 200 Motels.

The Error 500 x Frankenstein Effect release is a thing of real rare hideous beauty. It’s awkward, it’s abrasive and damned near impenetrable, and yet. The more you listen the more it sounds like party music for people who deal in bleak for a living.

I totally get that people won’t like Mutation upon me playing it to them, so I tend not to. But when I spot someone with the xXXx logo inked onto their arm, or sewn onto their denim jacket, I know I want to share a drink and a chat with them.

I chose Wham City because it’s got some hooks. From the outside looking in you might find something in the chanting and squealing that appeals (I’ll be massively surprised if anyone does) but also because it’s a cover version. Dan Deacon’s original version on his album Spider-Man Of The Rings may not be as heavy, but it’s just as weird and obtuse.

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