Heroes – Motörhead

I wasn’t expecting a new Motörhead single in 2017. On account of our main man being over 18 months dead. But you know the record industry. If Lemmy is contractually obliged to put another record out not even the Reaper can stop that.

I’m guessing the being dead bit hampered the writing process for the latest Motörhead record. So they did the thing many bands do when they’ve ‘gotta get an album out’ because ‘they owe it to the people’. The have released a covers album.

My scepticism was high when I heard the new single would be a cover of David Bowie’s Heroes. I’m not sure Lemmy has the voice for those searing notes. Not since he died anyway. His performance has not grown much since the funeral. All he seems to do these days is stand in that alcove in the Rainbow Bar & Grill covered in brass.

But then I heard it. It was like getting to catch up with an old mate. An old mate who you knew you’d never get to catch up with again. A rock and roll band (IMHO THE rock and Roll band) banging out a Bowie tune. All is right with the world again.

My guess is this was recorded at the same time as the version of Sympathy For The Devil that closes their last studio album Bad Magic. I can see why it didn’t make it on to that album (or which ever other release it was supposed to accompany, it’s clearly a B-Side). I’m not going to pretend it’s one of their finest. But it’s a great song whoever is having a crack at it. And any Motörhead is always a pleasure. In a time where there was never going to be any more Motörhead ever again this is practically Christmas day.

So for one last time. For both Lemmy and for Zavid. Just in case…





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