No Horses – Garbage

In case you were in any doubt as to where Garbage are at politically there’s a video here that echoes the imagery of The Handmaid’s Tale while their iconic front woman whispers “This is the apocalypse” over the end of the track, as images of landfill and riot police flicker over those of her in her looking out of the window in her red robes.

I think it’s safe to say this is protest music. Rather than going for the marching chanting type of rabble rouser Garbage continue on the wilfully uncommercial course that they’ve been following since they last got back together. This is far more use to the boys and girls of the pre-Gilead world than a vain re-tread of Grunge’s glory daze.

“They’ll worship you, they’ll use you too, they’ll lie to you, they’ll steal from you, they’ll sell you too”

The Technicolour-Gothic Feminist Icon that is Shirley Manson is growing old with such grace. She’s a firm loud voice for all that right in the world on record, on social media and in the press. The suited band of greying noise makers behind her are fully aware of the importance in her actions, her words and her place in the rock firmament. Lest we forget that each band member is a master of their craft, each one a legend in the genre for efforts previous and during Garbage’s time as a band.

“They’ll turn on you, they’ll come for you, they’ll hurt you too, they’ll get to you too”

No Horses is a cold, austere foregone conclusion of a song. It’s not an if, but a when. And the when, if not tomorrow, is definitely in sight.

“And there will be no apologies and no more security, there will be no cops, just men with guns, in their shiny black uniforms and their big black boots with their shiny black batons and their sleek black cars with their fingers on the trigger and their skeleton keys”

You’re not being asked to act now to avoid this dreaded future. You’re being told, it’s a given.

You OK with that?

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