The Right Profile – The Clash

The Clash are titans in the world of important rock bands. No argument. Top five most influential bands in rock history. Only a churl would argue. As a paid up Punk Rock Faithful I’m supposed to say ‘Number One, No Contest’.

Just as I chose D’yer Maker as Zeppelin’s first entry into SFTD (As all the cool kids are calling it) I’m going for a prime slice of pissing about for The Clash.

OK, it is on that iconic album. The one that everyone has to own just because the cover is so cool. I’ve gone for a track off London Calling and then started talking like I’m going off the beaten path with some obscure cut. What can I say? I love hearing a record where the band have fun.

‘Say, where did I see this guy? In ‘Red River’? Or a ‘Place In The Sun?’ – The Clash are doing a song about an actor. A bit of a hero to them. A silver screen old movie Icon.

‘And everybody say, “What’s he like?”, And everybody say, “Is he all right?”, ‘And everybody say, “He sure look funny”‘
It would appear the band are singing a jaunty little musical tribute to ‘Montgomery Clift, Honey’.

Brass parps and guitars skank and a ‘drank’ style Joe Strummer slurs the lyric about excess and celebrity. As the song rolls on it becomes a cautionary tale. We’re hearing about the tabloid ‘ending’ of a sliver screen idol.

‘I see a car smashed at night, Cut the applause and dim the light, Monty’s face is broken on a wheel, Is he alive? Can he still feel?’

Not just a knock about after all then.

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