Don’t Wanna Lose – Ex Hex

A clanging riff that morphs into synth reverb and some cold austere indie chick vocals. Ex Hex counjour a song that sounds like it’s simultaneously from the same school as Mirror in the Bathroom and Cannonball without deliberately going retro in either direction.

The vocal remains cool and never really betrays itself with a trace of emotion. Mary Timony (the bands singer) is a bit of an indie veteran. She’s been putting out record for over 20 years in bands you’ve never heard of (Well I’ve never heard of) with names like Autoclave, Helium and The Spells. She also has a significant output under her own name.

Ex Hex is her latest band. They’re a cool all girl (well all woman really) garage rock trio who will delight Sleater-Kinney or Haim fans in equal measure.

This track is from the 2014 album Rips which kind of got Timony some of her due in recognition. Inquiring minds would like to know more.


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