Stormy High – Black Mountain

That genre of stoner rock that is forever enthralled to Sabbath and customized camper vans is perfectly represented here in Black Mountain and Stormy High.

A galloping tempo and slab of granite riff build and build around Hammond organ, drum fills and woooaaaahhhhoooohhhh backing vocals.

In 2010 sounding like 1976 was perfected for all time on Black Mountain’s album In The Future. This CD lived in my car for about 4 years I was so enthralled with the way this song is put together.

The scene of bands who emulate the 70’s excesses (audible excess, this is not an endorsement of any lifestyle choices) which includes Sleep, Uncle Acid and Rival Sons have really distilled the elements of what makes a good deep grooved rock song. The Seventies are alive and well today.

It’s strange that these bands often sound more like Deep Purple or Hawkwind than Deep Purple or Hawkwind do these days.

I get it that this genre doesn’t really have crossover potential. Stormbringer is still out there for fans to discover if they’re looking for it. The original fans of such tunes might see Black Mountain as copyist.

I see them as defenders of the flame. Though what they’re burning might not be for everyone.

3 thoughts on “Stormy High – Black Mountain

  1. Yeah! Love that album. I went to Doomed and Stoned Festival last weekend, which featured indie bands in the scene you describe, and wrote a review for two of my favorite acts. Check it out if you want. This genre is actually huge, and there are lots of bands to discover. Have fun!


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