Pump It Up – The Wildhearts

Ginger and The Wildhearts can pop up in this list over and over again as I’m such a big fan. This one however is something of a departure for them. The Wildhearts haven’t recorded an enormous amount of covers. They usually sing about other bands if they want to make a tribute.

Such is Ginger’s prolific writing ability he’ll namecheck bands (see 29 x The Pain down the list) or reference lyrics (Anthem’s chorus a clear Clash homage) or he’ll write a song about a genre (How I Survived The Punk Wars) or an artist (Only Henry Rollins Can Save Us Now) before actually rolling tape on someone else’s song.

Then comes this feedback drenched full on industrial metal take on the chirpy pop punk hit of the late 1970’s. Elvis Costello’s Pump It Up has tinges of ska, an organ groove and a radio friendly lilt. The Wildhearts turn it into a bettering ram. They keep the riff, but they steam punk it up, rough it over and weld rocket launchers to the tune.

For fans of Elvis Costello, of The Wildhearts and of Mad Max Fury Road I give you PUMP IT UP! – BLACK AND CHROME EDITION


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