Iron Man – The Cardigans

It’s a simple trick. Take a notorious loud and heavy song. Let’s say Black Sabbath’s Iron Man. And cover it in a style and genre that is entirely opposite to the original.

So the easy listening lounge music version of one of Sabbath’s ultimate anthems was born on The Cardigans breakthrough record First Band On The Moon.

Trouble is… They did a really good job. Nina’s cool ‘radioed in’ vocal over plucked riffs, sitars and open brushed percussion shows all of the melodies and compositional motifs in the original for what they are. Beautiful songwriting.

The coy ‘I am Iron Man’ intro gives way to coffee table music that anyone could hum along to. Legend has it the guys in the band were all metalheads in their teens and the cover is less ironic and more an homage to the band they loved in their youth who (hard to believe as it is in this day and age) had fallen from favour in the public eye.

Indeed in 1996 Sabbath love was a little thin on the ground outside of the Metal faithful.

This was before the resurgence in the public eye brought about by MTV and The Osbournes. It also followed The Cardigans cover of Sabbath Bloody Sabbath a couple of years earlier on their debut album, so you can’t accuse them of being casual fans.

Nina went on to sing with Manic Street Preachers on Send Away The Tigers and the band themselves took on a rockier direction in later recordings. So y’know… 4 Real!


4 thoughts on “Iron Man – The Cardigans

  1. Thank you for the musical education — really cool rendition :)) The closest I’ve come to heavy metal: for many years, working for Metalica’s Kirk Hammett (trust fund wrote the check) trimming the hooves of his beautiful Frisian horse (horse lives in Hawaii :)) Ahhh — the interesting perspective we all have in Life :)) Dawn


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