Maggie M’Gill – The Doors

The Doors swing in and out of my musical life from the very beginning. My Parents liked them. My School Mates and I loved them. I have listened to them since before I knew what music really was and I still play them now. They’re the constant thread through my listening. From learning songs, to discovering rock has a history (Yep the Oliver Stone Movie) to becoming a hard core fan (one of the best and most exciting gigs I’ve been to was a Doors cover band)

And this bawdy drinking sea shanty is the ‘hard rock cafe’ version of the band at their best. Morrison Hotel is a five star faultless album. It’s a ripping rollicking rocka roller of a record. Nowhere more so than this hard drinking leer of a tune.

‘Maggie M’Gill she lived on the hill, her Daddy got drunk and left her the will so, she went down, down to Tangie town’ – It’s a powerful delivery. Full of bluster and sexual portent.

‘People down there, really like to, get it on!’ I always though this sounded like a riot.

That massive blues rock riff pummels away as Jim hollers ‘Get it on! Get! It! On!’

Records like Maggie M’Gill make you think you can wear leather trousers in public. They make you feel you can swagger around with your shirt open and never take your leather jacket off.

Rock and roll means well, but it can’t help telling young boys lies.


4 thoughts on “Maggie M’Gill – The Doors

  1. Your comment on J’s page brought me here.
    Man you should have been in on the discussion with J and I! Talk about the same page. 3 hander next time? Fantastic take on your part.
    I would have got to this take eventually seeing as I’m making my way through your archives.
    Love your last line. Good stuff.

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      1. No problem on the archives. I want to start exploring the tunes and artists I’m not familiar with.
        Yeah J was fun and easy to work with. It was a creative idea on his part. I was just the pretty face.

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  2. I can relate to all of this, Steve. Minus the parents and school pals being into them, right enough. But the other stuff – the important stuff about them being a constant thread, Morrison Hotel, and Maggie M’Gill making swaggering around with leather trousers and an open shirt in public a good idea (still sounds like a great idea… man, I wish I was as rock n’ roll as Jim).

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