Little Arithmetics -dEus

On a par and in the era of Buffalo Tom’s Taillights Fade was this melodic little soft shoe shuffle from dEus. A band usually associated with gonzoid weirdness and experimental noise suddenly put out a charming little Beach Boys influenced pop song. It’s like they came out of an electro shock therapy session one day and were good citizens ready to contribute to society.

Little Arithmetics goes from quiet organ intro into warm smooth pop. The soft voice with the tinge of a European accent add to the lounge feel.  The song slips along on brushed percussion, it takes in ‘hold me now’ harmonies and ‘ba ba da da’ backing vocals for three and a half pretty mellow minutes.

Lovely. If we’d been approached by Little Arithmetics for a night out we’d be having polite conversation in a nice bistro by now and looking at the wine list.

Then it flips the table on it’s date and starts tearing the place up. The last 55 seconds are squalling guitar and clattering drums. You just couldn’t play nice for a whole song could you dEus? You had to go an be all weird.

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