MMM: Smooth Sailing – Queens Of The Stone Age

Milo here, gate-crashing here at SteveForTheDeaf from Stuff And That, where we do some sweet bizniz about movies, games, comics and, of course, the tuneage. Big thanks to Steve for letting drivel all over his site and be sure to check out his post at our end. ANYWAYY, let’s get into this.

MMM (Milo’s Music Mayhem) is a little series I’ve got goin’ on where I take a certain song I love and tell y’all why I love it. Hmm… I wonder what other extremely accommodating blog does something similar…

Today, I’m checking out one of my favourites, Smooth Sailing, from Queens Of The Stone Age’s 2013 masterpiece, …Like Clockwork. Check the video below:

Almost completely out of place among the album’s melancholy, apocalyptic ballads, Smooth Sailing kicks straight into acid-drenched desert rock after some sharp, bare-bone guitar wails. The slow, lumbering beat, akin to a drunken, alley-way stroll, stumbles through the track with deadly accuracy, with Dave Grohl, yeah I know, showing off a bit of syncopation and drifting slightly from his usual “let’s just break the fuckin’ thing” mentality towards the kit. On top of this dances a villainous, though completely baked, riff, punctuated by offbeat bass grooves, that slithers through Josh Homme’s fun-loving and effortlessly charismatic falsetto like an LSD-infused viper. It’s sexy, it’s one-of-a-kind, it’s nasty, it’s debauched and it’s so QOTSA.

Again, thanks to chaboi Steve for letting me in, it sure was cold out there, and be sure to check out Stuff And That (that’s Stuff And That) if you dig, dug, digged or dagged what ya read.

Lots of hugs, (he asked me to leave out the kisses and lacerations)



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