Black Tongue – Mastodon

Every now and again you need a bit of METAL for METAL’s sake. Nothing fancy. Nothing too progressive. Just thick prime cuts of guitar pummelling away over drums that sound like warfare.

“I burned out my eyes, I cut off my tongue”

It’s a love song, I’m sure. About a girl. No doubt. Mastodon are a pleasure in this day and age. They’re the acceptable face of modern metal. You can wear a Mastodon T-Shirt anywhere and people in the know will think ‘connoisseur’ not ‘Throwback’ (not that I really worry about what people think of the bands on a T-Shirt)

They’ve made heavier, twistier more challenging and creative records than The Hunter. Crack The Skye for instance has shades of epic Zeppelin in it and some very Proggy moments, Leviathan is as brutal a rock opera about Moby Dick you’re likely to come across. The Hunter is a bit overlooked I feel. I love it for it’s classic NWOBHM referencing sound.

Thud thud thud. Crash crash crash. Weeee OOhhh Weee Ohhhh Ohhhhhhhhh

I’m not going to intellectualise it or pretend it’s anything other than just a heavy metal song. Just a really good one that has all the bits of metal I like and takes everything to the edge of where it starts to look silly, but really looks like a fine specimen.

If it were a puppy being selected by new owners. Black Tongue has all the right papers, a perfect hip score and fits the profile perfectly.

As post number 1 in what we’re going to call Heavy Metal Week this will do just fine.

Sing along if you know the words

“I cut out my eyes”

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