War Ensemble – Slayer

We couldn’t really have Metal Week without the metallest of metal bands. Not Metallic. The difference between being the Metallest and the most Metallic is a letter A.

But we’ll get to those guys.

SLAYER are the sort of metal band you have to spell in capitals. They’re the sort of metal band who’s name can be yelled out loud in a crowd at random and it will let everyone know what’s up ‘SLAY-ER!’ – It just says ‘Things just got very real over there’

There are very few bands who can claim to be as Metal as SLAYER and not end up in some strange sub genre. Sure SLAYER are thrash metal. But they’re also ‘just’ Metal. Or pure metal. Or total metal. Or true metal. Or SLAY-ER!

The Big Four all have big flaws. Megadeth have a very patchy back catalogue and are kind of Metallica’s understudy’s. Anthrax have such a revolving door on personnel you can love one era (say the Sound Of White Noise) and not dig on the new stuff or the eighties output.

But SLAYER. They’ve made records like Reign In Blood, Season In The Abyss, World Painted Blood and Repentless over 30 years. When Tom Araya makes that curdling noise from deep within him. You can’t help but join that guy in the crowd ‘SLAY-ER!’

So we come to this particular track. This was my introduction to Slayer. I knew they were the heaviest of the heavy but I’d never seen them. When the black and white video of them playing Wembley in 1990 appeared on Headbangers Ball it stopped me in my tracks.

Damn. That’s the Metallest thing I can imagine!


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