Spent The Day In Bed – Morrissey

He’s back! The man behind the quiff. This just sort of sidled out in the public a few weeks back with a minimum of fanfare. A secret (-ish) Mozza single to herald the coming of the axe.

Mozza’s moved away from the band focussed sound of his mid period solo output. Records like You Are The Quarry and Years Of Refusal had a guitar led indie engine room behind them. A sound that led you to expect five figures on stage suited and booted ably bolstering the wit and the withering with solid mid tempo rock.

Spent The Day In Bed is a bit more mischievous. Over a loose, synthy plinky plonk Stephen Patrick sounds more youthful than in recent times. The lyrics have an air of self referential irony to them. As if the twitter feed of the ‘Random Morrissey Lyric Generator’ should get a writing credit.

But there’s a hidden stomp and swagger behind it all.

‘Spent the day in bed, very happy I did, yes I spent the day in bed as the workers stay enslaved, I spent the day in bed, I’m not my type but I love my bed”

The given bedsit ennui narrative of Morrissey and The Smiths is celebrated here as a victory over working hard for meagre return.

“I recommend you stop watching the news, because the news contrives to frighten you, to make you feel small and alone, to make you feel your mind isn’t your own”

I downloaded Mozza’s latest effort in an airport lounge before heading off on a heavy 2 week work trip that saw me spending a significant portion of my day travelling with ear buds in. The little playlist that got me through those days had many earworm qualities to it.

“Time do as I wish, you can please yourself but, I spent the day in bed, pillows like pillars, life ends in death so there’s nothing wrong with being good to yourself”

As I sit in my arm chair back home ready to write the first review for Steve For The Deaf since arriving home, this is the song that pushes itself to the fore, for consideration. Not because I literally just spent the day in bed sorting out my jet lag. Also because among the new bands, hotly anticipated albums and current classics enjoying a revival that got played a lot while I was travelling this one fits the way I feel. Mozza’s given us an anthem for duvet days.

You could say, it says something to me about my life… If you were so inclined.

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