Kick It (Feat. Iggy Pop) – Peaches

In what is practically a reimagining of Anything You Can Do (I Can Do Better) with dick jokes and S&M references, Peaches brings us some of her teaches with the noble assistance of James Newell Osterberg, Jr.

I know Iggy Pop has now appeared on close to 15% of the posts on this blog but that’s not because I’m an obsessive fan, it’s because he can’t help but make good records.

This one sort of works like an indie Crunk N’ Funk number while the pair score spots off of one another while referencing the sort of thing each of them is famous for.

“Peaches: Some people don’t like my crotch
Iggy: Because it’s got fuzzy spots
Peaches: But if you flame it, It’s a neat burning bush baby”

And so it goes.

Look. Don’t get me to spell it out for you. Just listen and imagine these two performing this in a Buzby Berkley number with top hats and tails.

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