Television Romance – Pale Waves

This is more like it. This is how I like my pop music. A band need to have a thing. They need to set themselves apart from everyone else with an angle. Not a gimmick, but something unique. Hear Television Romance once and you’ll recognise everything else Pale Waves have done instantly as belonging to the same band. That’s not to say they wont evolve from here. But they’ve mastered their sound now. Pale Waves know what they’re doing.

Thin taught artificial drum sound, jangle guitars, a British gothic girl singing like 80’s American pop stars. Everything is too cool to care about cool and small scale enough to see them playing a club. It’s also well crafted enough to work on a massive stage. These guys have found a sweet spot in the alienation as identification world of alternative indie.

“I don’t even know what I’m doing here why won’t you just tell me? ‘Cause I’d rather be lonely”

Apparently Pale Waves cut their teeth with Peace and Swim Deep in their early days. That’s some good company to be forming a pop band around. You can hear a mix of Blondie, The Cure, some noughties Scandinavian electro pop and bands like College and Phoenix in their sound.

“Now I don’t even know what to say to you, I feel like you’re getting to me & I know that’s what you’re into & your face isn’t enough to make me stay”

As songs about not having ‘it’ go Television Romance has the feel of a vintage single. There’s new wave touches, there’s a bit of The 1975 but ultimately it feels more sincere and believable than just poser pop thanks to that vocal.

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