Me & My Beretta – Angel Corpus Christi

A folk inflected indie hip hop hybrid sung from the perspective of a school shooter with a musical bias towards the accordion.

Yep. The accordion. Strangely this stand alone single, which was released between attempts by Angel to have an accordion based hit with Je T’aime (I wanna Boogie With You) didn’t set the world alight. It’s almost like we were not ready for accordion rap in 1995. 22 years later, I think it might be about time actually.

Thing is, Me & My Beretta does leave a lasting impression on those who do hear it.

The deadpan delivery of rhymes like

“If you see me coming you better step aside, A lot of kids didn’t and a lot of kids died”

Could be accused of bad taste if it weren’t clearly social commentary on school shootings. 4 years before Columbine the lyric

“Kids with guns, is on the rise, If there was a medal I’d take first prize”

Felt prophetic. Post Columbine it strives to be a puzzle piece of an answer to the ‘how did we get here?’ soul searching that went on in it’s wake. In 2017… Well, fuck.

The chorus refrain

“I can get by your metal detector, don’t mess with me and my Beretta”

Is chillingly delivered without emotion.

So the Squeeze-Hop phenomenon never really went further than Angel Corpus Christi herself. But seeing as she’s been putting out records sporadically for 30 years I think she deserves a doff of the cap for her staying power.

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