Feel The Machine – The Chalets

Irish Boy/Girl Indie Pop from the naughty noughties. The Chalets took their name from the accommodation they shared when they all met at All Tomorrows Parties.

ATP was like a music festival that took place in a out of season holiday camp in the UK. If you’ve ever seen 80’s TV hit Hi-De-Hi set on a 1950’s British Seaside Resort just swap the cast for minor indie bands and you’re there.

The Chalets made a not insignificant mark in the five years they were active. They were chosen to represent Ireland by their Government at the height of their time as a band to represent the country at their inauguration into the European Union.

Unsurprisingly their album had a punny title ‘Check In’ and the singles from it ‘No Style’, ‘Theme From Chalets’ and this one ‘Feel The Machine’ were all knowingly retro bouncy indie pop with an emphasis on innuendo and harmony.

The keyboards took centre stage at Chalets shows and the dance moves would’ve fitted right in a Butlin’s if they’d all been wearing the Red Coats.

I try not to comment on the videos when talking about songs. But, nothing dates like technology. That kitsch retro feel they were going for in their sound is now ladelled all over their desktop computer video thanks to the passing of the last decade.

Maybe it’s time they got back together.


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