Rebel Rebel – Seu Jorge

We begin Bowie Cover Version Week (It’s a thing!) with a track taken from the soundtrack album to The Life Aquatic with Steve Zissou.

I’ve got a meagre three reasons for choosing this track.

  1. Seu makes the whole thing sound like a doodle. It’s recognisably that power house of Bowie/Ronson vocal vs riffage but, rendered down to just some mumbling and a touch of acoustic noodling it bears out the long long shadow cast by the original song that all Bowie cover versions must live under
  2. It’s in Portugese. So I have no clue if he’s just translated it or is singing entirely new words. I hold out hope for both. I love the idea of learning another language through the medium of Bowie but not quite as much as I love the idea of their being a whole other set of lyrics for the Brazilian fans of Jorge to sing along to. He could turn it into a song about making sandwiches and I’d have no clue
  3. It’s from the sound track to a Wes Anderson Movie. I have a funny relationship with Wes Anderson Movies. I love them and yet they wont let me get close. The compulsory quirkiness often feels too forced and keeps me at arms length. The Life Aquatic though really is a joy to watch. Such an odd mix of cultural touchstones (the acoustic Bowie covers for a soundtrack, yes there’s a whole album of these) the fictionalisation of a real character (Steve Zissou is based on Jacques Cousteau) and the dynamite cast just make it a ton of fun to watch

So there you go. Welcome to David Bowie Covers Week. Soon to be an international holiday.

Wuzza Wuzza


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