Queen Bitch – Green River

Confession time. The only reason I knew who Green River were was this cover of one of Hunky Dory’s best tracks.

OK I can see in hindsight having members of Pearl Jam and Mudhoney in the same band should have shown up on my radar before their two albums and B-Sides were all swept up into one retrospective CD. But some how Green River passed me by for a hot minute.

When the aforementioned compilation did cross my field of vision my first thought was ‘The Queen Bitch Band! That’s got to be worth a punt”. Only on looking at the grunge era marketing of the label on the CD case did I realise this band were a significant evolutionary step in the history of two of my favourite bands.

Both Dry As A Bone and Rehab Doll are decent proto grunge albums (closer to Mudhoney that PJ in sound I’d say) but the B-Side to Together We’ll Never is still the best thing they ever recorded. A messy debauched take on the tale of life “up on the eleventh floor watching the coozes below”. The way Green River play it ups the sleaze rock. It’s the closest they come to sounding like other rock bands from ’88 and less like the grunge bands of the decade to come.

“So swishy in her satin attire”


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