Suffragette City – The Get Up Kids

Stark contrast to the Beck and Seu Jorge covers here. The Get Up Kids, an emo tinged rock and roll band from Kansas City take the golden era Bowie classic and play it like a party anthem.

The back and forth of the lyric allows the band to “Hey Man” with one another while you can tell they relish the opportunity of playing one of the songs they learned on their way to becoming a real band.

Having a bash at Ronson’s guitar line is every rock guitarists birth right. Every singer since Bowie has looked in the mirror on their way to the stage and imagined that lightning bolt painted across one eye.

Unsurprisingly Suffragette City sounds great played by a rock and roll band set up for club level high jinx. It is a party anthem after all. A tale of a utopian party central where all are equal and everything is sexy.

“A total blam blam.”

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