Rock & Roll All Nite – The Dollyrots

Well reader we’ve known each other a little while now. We’ve known each other long enough for you to understand I’m powerless to resist girls singing punk rock, I love a Kiss cover version and that the two things combined are basically catnip at SteveForTheDeaf.

So we celebrate the week before Halloween with a shonky list of seven of my favourite Kiss cover versions. Because really, what could be more Halloween than dressing up as Kiss?

So the ever DIY Pop punk married couple and baby factory The Dollyrots apply their bratty sound to the Kiss anthem of all Kiss anthems.

Taken from the Kiss Covers Comp (there’s a whole cottage industry of bands putting out Kiss cover albums) Kiss And Make Up this version captures the joy, the rush and the simplicity of the original. It keeps it light, party focused and fun.

There’s more to The Dollyrots than a blonde girl being sneery and cheery over pop punk power chords. But not today. Today revel in the simple majesty of The Dollyrots doing Rock And Roll All Nite and it sounding like a kegger in Riverdale.

The rest of the week might not be so straight forward.

Happy Halloween kids.

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