C’mon & Love Me – Skid Row

Possibly the only bit of my musical wiring that is more primal than girls singing in pop punk bands is my juvenile love of Skid Row. Mate, they were the shit when I was at school. C’mon and Love Me came into my field of vision as the B-Side to Slave To The Grind.

They take the lightweight Dressed to Kill track with the most lampooned rhyming couplet lyric in rock history…

“She’s a dancer, a romancer, I’m a Capricorn and she’s a Cancer”

And still manage to add an air of street punk menace to it.

Back in the day, the five track covers EP B-Side Ourselves was the ultimate Skid Row collectible. It featured covers by Rush, Judas Priest, Hendrix and The Ramones.

You can sort of see the Big Brother influence that list had over my listening habits for the next few years. If it’s alright for Skid Row to cover. It’s alright for me to discover.

I never did get a copy of the EP but I did round all five of the B-Sides up on various other releases.

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