Black Diamond – The Replacements

Probably the oldest Kiss cover on the list. The Replacements understood something about setting the tone for the successful Kiss cover version.

The best Kiss covers need to sound like fans playing at playing. They need to be loose, they need to be bashed out quick. Kiss Covers get hurled around in garages and rehearsal spaces by everyone from Tom Morello and Rage Against The Machine to Scott Ian and Anthrax all the way down to actual kids in actual garages.

They’re relatively easy to play. They’re beloved by most rock fans on their way up to becoming rock musicians. When you’re dreaming of being a rock star you’re looking at Kiss as the template of Rock-Star-Ness.

Even people who’ve been in Kiss dream of being in Kiss. Even Ace Frehley wants to be Ace Frehley. But when doing a cover you can’t actually be as good as Ace. You have to slop it out. It’s got to be a letting off of steam.

Fortunately slopping out songs and letting off steam was refined into a high art form by The Replacements.

I once heard The ‘Mats referred to as ‘God’s Own Bar Band’. I think that hits the nail squarely on the head. Any bar that had a loose goofy noisy rock and roll band as good as The Replacements playing in is worth hanging around in all night. Even if you have to collect glasses to be there.



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