Strutter – Drive-By Truckers

You can’t really let The Hold Steady have a crack at a Kiss number and not immediately had over to their Southern Brothers and Sisters, the indomitable Drive-By Truckers.

If there weren’t already one Kiss cover by The Donnas (about 100 posts back there is their version of Speeding Back To My Baby) on this website (totally unrelated to Halloween week) it might have been a close run thing which band’s version of Strutter would have made the list.

As DBT’s take on Strutter goes to prove, all I’ve said in the previous posts about the vital ingredient of knock-about-ness making for a good quality Kiss cover is proven here.

This sneaks in as a hidden bonus track on DBT’s massive album The Big To Do. It’s not on the vinyl version. It piggy backs on the download without announcing itself. It’s a loosely played almost live take on the song. The vocals sound like muscle memory for Patterson to sing. He certainly didn’t do too many takes.

After some field recordings of what sounds like the band giggling and wrestling each other the riff kicks in. It captures the slinky groove of the original and carries the album off in rollicking style after the fragile and beautiful Eyes Like Glue finished up all classy like.


Seeing as I can’t find the Studio Version on YouTube (and because it’s The Most Wonderful Time Of The Year™) why not have a link to The Donnas version as well?


2 thoughts on “Strutter – Drive-By Truckers

  1. Never knew the DBTs did this, not that every rock/jam band shouldn’t. What a tune, and you’re correct about the muscle memory; these dudes didn’t have to work this one up too much to get it ready. They did all that when they were teenagers. Kudos. More KISS!

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