Sure Know Something – Kiss

In a twist befitting the most Halloween-y of plots, the ultimate Kiss cover version for Halloween 2017 is a version of Kiss doing Kiss.

In 1996 Kiss and many of their fans considered the disco era a bit of an unmentionably uncool blip in a hard rock history that went from proto-metal in NYC in the 70’s to Stadium rock titans 30 years later.

Everything from the debut album up to Rock and Roll Over was fair game. So too was Lick It Up onwards. The forbidden zone in the middle there was roundly ignored by all but the bands detractors.

Then fans started asking for I Was Made For Loving You to be slipped back into the live set. There was a resurgence in interest for Is That You and Torpedo Girl. These songs took on a retro cool the mid 90’s were all about. If we could get down to Jungle Boogie and Stealers Wheel we were going to be having some of that stuff back please.

So Kiss looked back. And they realised they had some corkers in the bank that had gone unexploited. That was not the Kiss way at all.

The version of Sure Know Something on Unplugged strips away the cheese of the disco era like pulling a rubber zombie mask off of Old Man Withers head.

What’s revealed beneath is a dynamite pop song from the 70’s that has huge appeal for generations of rock fans.

What a twist.

3 thoughts on “Sure Know Something – Kiss

  1. Love it. Like I said in an earlier post, Dynasty was the first album I ever bought when it came out, so it was very special for me. I was reading Circus and Hit Parader, so I knew it had many detractors, but I didn’t care; it was the first album of new music I had ever been exposed to from my heroes, and I thought it was just magic.

    I’ve always had a soft spot in my heart for the song that I like best when I listen to an album for the first time, and “SKS” was that for me with Dynasty. Thanks for picking this.

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