There She Is – Frank Turner

The single new track from Frank’s timely greatest hits package is something of a departure for the Folk Rock Punk Star.

It’s a bit grown up. A Bit smooth and MOR-ish. These aren’t criticisms. These are surprized observations. I love the impassioned wailing of Silent Key or Peggy Sang The Blues. I love the confrontational honesty of Glory Hallelujah or Thatcher Fucked The Kids. I love the stompy choruses of Recovery and Four Simple Words. I love the acoustic thrashings the band give Mittens or The Road.

And yet… This? I like it. I’m not in love with it yet though. But I sense there’s a trick here. I sense, it may turn out to be a grower.

It’s a nice pretty gentle song. It’s also fairly beige in a mood music kinda way. It’s certainly not the noisiest thing in his Songbook. It may well be the most subdued. It may be heralding a new phase for the Frank man as he moves into a post something era. Or he may just be trying on a new thing here, before phase two of his solo work begins.

I’m a bit worried. I’m not sure I’m ready for Frank Turner to grow up.


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