Caught In The Middle – The Temperance Movement

They’re back! The best blues rock band in the UK are about to hit the road again to try out their new material before album number three drops in the new year.

We’ve got tickets to see them in a couple of weeks but the hype machine is doing an admirable job dropping this churning stutter riffed howl and roll.

Phil Campbell’s voice is on fine form rasping out lines about songs that will never be sung, broken promises and aching in your breaking ribs. The soulful rock has the bombast and the bluster of many a blues based band of yester year. These guys are the heirs to Free, Whitesnake and Thunder’s crown.

Welcome to the middle. Stick around, get caught.




One thought on “Caught In The Middle – The Temperance Movement

  1. These guys did a Canadian Tour back in March of 2016 opening up for Monster Truck here in Tbay! Temperance blew us away so much so I purchased both there Cd’s at the show and spoke with Paul the guitarist ….great guy and great band….
    Will pick this up upon release!

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