Spray Paint Love – Frank Carter & The Rattlesnakes

Well this is unexpected. FC & TR (let’s not ever shorten the mighty Frank Carter & The Rattlesnakes to that again) only released their second album in February of this year. It was jammed full of the sort of tunes lesser punk bands (which right now is mooooost punk bands) would take a career to compile. And yet (seriously can I copyright those two words or get them printed on SFTD merchandise or something?) here we are 8 months later with a fresh new studio recorded single punched out (you get the impression) immediately after recording.

They did this last year with Snake Eyes just before they played a bunch of festival dates. New tunes for the tour. It’s a Britrock thing to do right now (The Temperance Movement just played the same card this week). So they’re hitting the road in November and Spray Paint Love keeps things fresh for the fans.

The tune has a swagger this time. More of a Queens of the Stone Age groove than the gloom and doom of Snake Eyes. Lyrically I will concede it’s not exactly Shiny Happy People.

“Concrete and spray paint love barbed wire roses all covered in blood chained fences and gasoline, light up a match, baby burn up my dreams”

Still there’s some villainous slinky goings on in the chorus and in the music.

“Full moon and we are together by the morning I’ll be gone do you think that we could ever be more, more than a one night song”

The UK rock scene is having something of a vintage year.

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