Another Girl, Another Planet – The Only Ones

Breaking out the big guns here today. In this case the big gun is a laser cannon.

Another Girl Another Planet is one of the finest singles ever released. It’s the sort of hit song that shares the rare air of Ace Of Spades, Echo Beach and Song 2. A timeless dancefloor filler for rock club DJ’s to fall back on. There has never been a time between 1978 and the present day where the song has not been as cool as cool can be.

It starts with a guitar solo. Bold move for an era defining hit single. Well, it leads into a solo from that famous plucked intro and those rolling thunder drums. It’s an amazing opening.

It’s sung in common English. Not really sung either, just sort of half sneered, half shouted. An easy pastiche of the opening line is to do it in a broad mockney twang.

“Ah always flert wiv def” Kind of thing.

In 1978 the UK’s youth was enthralled to the mega movie Star Wars. I’m sure many a kid imagined this song as ‘Han Solo The Early Years’. A swashbuckling anthem of derring do as the space pirate vocalist zooms around a galaxy facing down death and getting off with girls. Something Disney might want to bear in mind for their upcoming movie.

“Space travels in my blood, there ain’t nothing I can do about it, long journeys wear me out but I know I can’t live without it, oh no”

No mention of blood counts, tax laws or prophecies. Just sayin’ Did’ney. Just sayin’

“I think I’m on another world with you, with you, I’m on another planet with you, with you”

So really it’s a love song. Sort of.

There’s another dexterous solo that sounds like a one armed bandit paying out a couple of minutes in. One which belies The Only Ones position in the Punk Rock Parthenon. The Only Ones showed promise as really accomplished musicians. The way they structure and play this song (and it’s lyrical content) lay across town pointing to NWOBHM rather than straight ahead to punk.

Were it not for the light twangy rock and roll guitar sound, the louche vocal and the lack of bullet belts these guys could be compared to Paul Di’anno era Iron Maiden by way of The Sex Pistols.

7 thoughts on “Another Girl, Another Planet – The Only Ones

  1. Nice tune Steve – I’d heard the libertines (or maybe just pete doherty?) doing this song, I hadn’t realized it was a cover.
    This album’s actually on the 1001 list, so I’m excited to hear if the rest of the record is anywhere near as strong!

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