Holy Mountain – Noel Gallagher’s High Flying Birds

We were packed into the bar round the corner from the gig venue with pints in our hands when the debate really got going. Liam’s album was for some ‘A complete banger’ for others ‘a bit plastic but better than expected’ for Gregg ‘The first six songs are great then it turns to shit’. Noel’s Holy Mountain had dropped the week before and he’d been seen on the BBC live in session with a person in his band ‘playing scissors’. In the press it seemed Liam had scored a win from that angle.

Here we were. Liam and Noel recreating a great Britpop tradition (The Gallagher’s in a race for the prize with a rival) just weeks before Christmas.

As a comparison to Wall Of Glass, I was standing up for Holy Mountain. ‘If it’s an indication of the album, we’re in for a right treat’. NG’s HFB’s had not been taken to the bosom of the ageing Britpoppers packed into the Camden Pub that night. But we all conceded he still had the odd belter on their releases so far. He did the hits live and we all still go and see him when he tours.

‘This one reminds me of that period John Lennon had when he went off to record an album of party music and get the fun back into what he’s doing’ I proffered.

“Are you comparing Noel to Lennon?”

‘No, they do enough of that themselves these two, I’m saying it has that Lost Weekend feel to it. Noel wants an old fashioned rock and roll party anthem under his belt again, he’s propping this up against Liam’s wall of Glass’

“And he’s saying, It took one ex-member of Oasis to write this”

‘Write it play it and add a shit ton of bells and whistles to make it sound bigger than anything on Be Here Now’

“I like Be Here Now”

‘Shut the fuck up Donny’

“So who is coming out on top? My moneys on Liam”

‘Liam’s album is a good pop record, but it’s too long and a bit fake in places, I’m with Noel. I haven’t heard Who Built The Moon yet but if he’s got more tunes like this and is throwing in stuff like ‘Scissor Players on Jools Holland’ that’s funnier than just calling everyone else names and doing the swagger’

“Drink up lads the band are on in 15 minutes”

‘You back down next week? Shed 7 are playing’

“I bloody love Shed 7. I’m well up for that.”

So there you have it… The wibling wivalry wattles on.


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