No Money – Freak.

There’s so much low budget indie slopping around right now that sounds like it’s from the era of Carter USM and Senser it’s wonderful for an old Greebo like me.  Freak. (the full stop is part of the band name) are a band of youngsters who were pulled together by Essex Pup Connor Ridd.

They seem blissfully unaware that the word has been used in association with everything from Hip Hop to NuMetal to Disco in pop culture before hitting upon it as a band name. Thus with no care for ease of use when it comes to search engines Freak. present us with this rappy rocky snappy snotty little ditty as if it is everything you’d want from a band with cheap instruments and boundless energy.

Taken from the magnificently titled No Money No Honey Shit Job Not Funny EP (again there’s scant regard for the rules of punctuation there too) NoMoney strops about like no one understands for 3 minutes slamming doors and throwing it’s hands in the air in a way I can’t help but approve.

“Working 9 to 5 every day of your life getting bored of routines and losing your stride doing things you don’t like because your falling behind”

The nihilistic vocal and full tilt indie may be influenced by the longer shadow casting Wire and Nine Inch Nails but for those of us long enough in the tooth it sounds closer to the home grown 90’s These Animal Men or S*M*A*S*H

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