Nympetamine Fix – Cradle Of Filth

I have to put a vote in for the ridiculously over the top Cradle Of Filth because they’re old muckers of mine. Back in their shoutier snakebite and black days I used to serve them in my pub. They had a record deal early on and used to come into the Spread Eagle in Ipswich dressed just how they look on their record sleeves to drink pints through straws and play pool.

Danny’s mum worked with my flat mates at British Telecom and she’d keep us all informed on how the ‘record deal, tours and video shoots’ were going. Having a local band strike it big was exciting on the local rock scene. Goths, Punks, Indie Kids and Metalheads would all discuss their progress at Out Of Time Records, in the saloon bar at The Earl and at Hollywood’s nightclub on Monday nights. Scruff from Rex Records would slip them into his set of Replacements and Stooges songs at The Drum and Monkey and marker pen COF logos popped up under bridges and outside the train station.

I’ve got to hand it to them. They’ve done bloody well. When I heard this more anthemic and melodic track on the soundtrack to one of the Resident Evil movies back in the mid nougties I was proud of them and everything they’ve achieved.

Guest vocalist Liv Kristine adds a big dimension to the band with her Grammy nominated vocal and Danny’s growly hissing vocal sounds positively evil on this huge symphonic slice of heavy metal.

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