Walk Away – Weaves

These tuneful Canadians have crept into the recognisable mainstream quite stylishly in 2017. I mentioned their single Motorcycle a few months back but had them down as a snotty energy to burn outfit. This track for their 2017 album Wide Open has been getting a few alternative radio plays of late and proves there’s a fair bit more to them than that.

Walk Away has some space between it’s sweet soulful vocal and the chiming indie jangle that’s filled with emotion. They’re hitting on references from The Gossip to Patti Smith to Britpop to Pixies in places. But they’ve got their songs together.

The star of the show is clearly Jasmine their vocalist, she has a totally unique gift of a voice but that’s not to do the band down. They’ve got their own artful ideas of how to deliver a song and with a ray gun of a vocalist up front they get to push the senses behind her rather than lock everything down to standard arrangements.

There are flourishes and avenues for the song to expand up on and wander down. Walk Away is a superior slice of Indie Anthem Action. I’m running towards it.

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