A Snake In The Shower – The Hold Steady


The Hold Steady just dropped two brand new studio tracks on an unsuspecting unified scene like yesterday. I’ve been messaged by a few folks from back in the day to make sure we all get in on this from the off.

First of all these two tracks are a Bandcamp only digital download for now. They’ll be available on other download outlets in a short while by all accounts. I’m hoping that cool graphic art work makes it’s way onto a 7″ soon enough too.

So two tracks with the acronym B/W between Entitlement Crew and A Snake In The Shower. Feels like an old fashioned analogue single to me. Oh yeah this is exciting

I’ll write about the A-Side trippingly by comparing it to Joe Strummer and The Mescaleros anthem of flawed youth Coma Girl. There’s just something in the vibe of both songs. They don’t sound the same in any way really. But they feel the same in the story teller element. To me, 24 hours in anyways.

I’ll expand on the B-Side if I can call it that a little more because this is the killer track. In a knife fight behind a bar The Snake has The Crew beat on three counts.

  1. The energy in the rhythm section propels Craig’s twisted narrative along from the opening beat. It’s almost as if we’re joining the band mid way through were it not for that opening drum clatter. Craig’s got some new tales to tell. He’s left the scene kids and gone behind the wizards curtain to a land of Huge Producers and blood flecked mixing desks.
  2. This song has a phenomenal guitar sound from Tad Kubler. He’s doing buzz saw riffs and stuttering effects at the start and there’s a time change in the middle of the song that is gloriously retro rock but the fuzzed out solo he puts in during the last minute feels vital. Like the band are really B.A.C.K back.
  3. Franz Nicolai is back. I know he wasn’t in the OG line up but his contribution raised the band from the bars to the festival stages ten years ago. He stuck around for a couple of albums but got out before the going got rough in 2010. His contribution behind Tad, Galen, Bobby and Steve’s driven barrage of beer soaked rock shapes elevates it all. Franz, Finn and Tad are the front line trinity the other three need soaking up the limelight so they can carve off epic slices of challenging but rewarding rock.




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