Tumblin’ Dice – The Gaslight Anthem

A great cover version can come from anywhere. This version of The Stones Tumblin’ Dice is such a rare treat because it does something really clever with an already great song. It declutters the over familiar 70’s mega hit from one of the monoliths of the all time greatest albums Exile on Main Street and turns into a back room rocker with no whistles or bells attached.

The real legacy of a mega band like The Rolling Stones surely must be that bars around the world will forever be full of musicians redoing their songs in a simpler manner than they are already known to us.

Brian Fallon sings it the way it was surely written. As a simple blues number. All of that seventies excess and production clouds the blues song within on the original track. The Stones make for a much funkier proposition than the song presented here. And yet you know it inside out from the opening line. This recording sounds like it could have been made in a room with a pool table and upturned chairs on tables.

The lyrics are much clearer on Gaslight’s version than the stones original. I learned things here about Tumblin’ Dice which Mick had never given away. The twang of the country style guitar line has an easy charm and everything seems so familiar and congenial you want to stick around for a while.

The urge to yell for ‘Freebird’ at the end of the track is strong with this one.

4 thoughts on “Tumblin’ Dice – The Gaslight Anthem

  1. It is a great cover, but the GA don’t make much music that isn’t great. This is one of the bands that I point to when people love to lament how “rock and roll” is dead. Indeed, it isn’t, and it won’t be as long as bands like these exist. So glad I found your site, bro. I don’t have a lot of reading time, but I’ll certainly be spending some of what I have here. Keep ’em comin’.

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      1. Not true at all. We want to hear your appreciation and how you came about it. “A Long December” will forever be shaped for me by your experience now. I’ll hear it, and I’ll be pleased to know that Steveforthedeaf is living life in warm rooms. This all means something, so you keep rolling it the way you are. We’ll use it.

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